The Magic Report Theory

crescendo_boothKnowledge is power, especially when it comes to controlling costs in the new NHS…hence the impressive wave of UK practices currently looking for ways to shed light on their referral patterns – practice, CCG and locality wide.

Yet, not a lot of systems provide such reporting at the moment, resulting in yet another aspirin prescription for the lucky practice manager in charge of cross-checking referrals through multiple spreadsheets at the end of the year.

Now you wouldn’t expect your digital dictation system (DDS) to do that job for you, would you?

But it’s only logical if you think about it: a digital dictation system (DDS) automates the entire referral creation and distribution workflow. It keeps track of what was dictated, typed and distributed when and where. It also automatically matches every referral with the right patient since it’s fully integrated with your practice management system. So let’s face it: refusing to pull up a full-fledge referral report at any point in time would be one lazy move for a DDS, knowing that it’s got ALL the data in store.

Yet, Digi seems to be the only one doing that – which could explain why crowds literally flocked to the Crescendo booth at the Pulse Live exhibition in Birmingham last week.

Over 50 practices came to check the magic reporting feature they’d all heard about somehow; future Digi users meeting existing Digi users; the former signing in for their free trial, the latter wondering how much it costs to activate the reporting feature – and asking our Sales Reps to repeat the word “nothing” to make sure they’d heard correctly.

  • That module was part of the system you already purchased, Sir. Just call our Helpdesk and they will show how to activate it.
  • And, by the way, how much is your Digi app for iPhone so I can dictate on the go?
  • I don’t mean to startle you, but I’m afraid that’s free also.”

That’s when the gentleman passed out. But let’s go back to our magic report on referrals. Here is the type of questions Digi is able to answer in real-time and in a few clicks:

  • Who is referring what to where? Do I have any high referrers?
  • Are there services we could offer locally?
  • Are the referrals allocated to my practice the ones we‘ve actually referred?
  • How do we, as a practice, stack up against others in our CCG?

Great start to wave old penalties goodbye while making informed commissioning decisions in the new NHS.

The Magic Report Theory? Put into practice with Digi.

Digitally yours,

The Equalizer

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