The Humbleyard Practice

humbleyard practiceThe Humbleyard Practice serves 16,000 patients from three locations in Cringleford, Hethersett and Mulbarton in the South West area of Norwich.

Keen to address the issues of the referral process and the problems using analogue tapes in a multi-site environment, Managing Partner Cyril Lindsey had first decided to install a competitor product in the hope it would meet his objectives. But a year passed without any of the results he was promised by the supplier’s Sales Rep. Cyril was frustratingly no further forward and he started wondering whether he was he was possibly expecting too much from 2013 technology…

So at approximately 4:40pm on a sunny Valentine’s day, Cyril called Crescendo explaining where he was, where he wanted to be and asking how he could finally ‘put this one to bed’.

  • Paul, Crescendo Consultant: All right, so you want your files to travel across branches as fast as they would locally? But you don’t want those very files to be copied across networks or branches. You want them streamed and always available in real-time for secretaries to type?
  • Cyril Lindsey: That’s right. Last time I spoke to them, your competitor told me it was possible. Yet here I am today using a technology that makes us long for the good old tape era. So please, if you know you can’t do it, just say it and nobody will end up wasting anybody’s time.
  • Paul: I don’t sell promises or miracles, but what I have for sure is the solution to your problem. Let’s say you’re not the first disillusioned multi-site practice calling out for help – and getting it. What you’re asking for might seem like the biggest challenge to you right now, but it’s nothing more than what we do every day.
  • Cyril: So what is it you do every day, then?
  • Paul: It’s called “server-based technology”, “voice on demand” and “streaming”. But a demo is worth a thousand keywords, really.

The following day, Paul was on site at Cringleford demonstrating Digi to Cyril and Edwina, Hethersett Surgery Manager. As if Crescendo being NHS N3 accredited wasn’t reassuring enough, Cyril was also impressed by the reporting module that produces specialty and referral type reporting across the entire practice or by individual in a few clicks.

As for the practice’s migration to SystmOne? Paul knew it would be child’s play for Digi, Crescendo being a long-time TPP integration partner.

Two days later…

…the order was placed and the Crescendo installation engineers set about installing the server and testing the branch links. Cringleford and Hethersett were first to go live, and at that stage, apart from the initial demonstration, no-one else from Crescendo had attended site. All the work was carried out remotely.

The Mulbarton Surgery was then installed and Paul called in to assist the users and get additional feedback from Cyril. His response was straight to the point and upbeat, “Your support team is excellent. They have delivered on all fronts and to the timescales agreed. If only I had contacted you a year ago! I will gladly recommend Crescendo to any Practice looking to move to a digital platform. I even sang your praises on my last visit to TPP in Leeds”.

Morals of the story?

When you want to increase efficiency in a practice with more than one surgery, don’t waste time or money climbing the big marketing tree. Just request your demo of Digi.

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