Hard work never killed anyone…

Hard Work Never Killed AnyoneIn a recent Pulse article, Dr Michelle Sinclair explains how her practice reduced referral rates by 46% through GP education, cross-referral, targeting locums and use of non-GP alternatives. Fascinating really. So much so that neighbouring practices started enquiring about the secret recipe. Even “Big Brother” wanted their own piece of cake in the shape of a case study.

Slightly less fascinating is the time it took for the Practice Manager to turn lead into gold: “The weekly reviews increased our manager’s workload, with many hours spent scrutinising target data received from our CCG, making comparisons, reviewing and changing our referring habits, educating ourselves to scrutinise data, and implementing changes to individual practice.”

Dear Practice Manager: if you want your evenings and weekends back to where they belong (i.e.: at home with your family), try the Digi Referral Reporting Module. Not only will it do the scrutinising and comparing job for you, but you will also be able to download the results at the click of a button on Monday mornings, after a well deserved, rejuvenating weekend.

Hard work never killed anyone, but why take a chance?


The Equalizer

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