A Practice without Digital Dictation…

..is like running with the wrong shoes on! So if you want to win the NHS digital race, run a mile with the right tools in place.

Today, the Equalizer is handing the mic’ over to Tracey Clark, Practice Manager at Gardden Road Surgery. Here is her story…

When my practice moved to Crescendo, it was many moons ago – round it up to five or six at least. It’s become so much ‘business as usual’ for everyone at Gardden Road Surgery that we tend to forget there ever was a ‘before’. So when a fellow practice manager rang me up the other day asking if we were using digital dictation and whether or not we would recommend our current supplier, I nearly fell off my chair. The first thing I remember answering is: “Errr, what do you mean you don’t use digital dictation?”

So I decided to rewind my little story to shed light on how DigiScribe-XL (a.k.a. ‘Digi’) from Crescendo literally changed my doctors’ lives – and mine as a Practice Manager.

Once upon a time, there was an overly busy surgery in Wrexham with doctors and secretaries constantly chasing tapes across branch surgeries – and yes, from time to time, hitting tape players like vending machines hoping they would release the words that got stuck. Enough was enough. Since we lived in an era driven by technology, we thought “there must be a software solution somewhere, wrapped in a free trial, to solve our problem.”

A few days later we were putting a market leader to the test, and it took about as long for everyone to be sold on it. We needed this Crescendo system installed for good, ASAP. Doctors were already hooked on the reliability of the whole thing, regardless of where they were dictating from. They even started recording home visits again, knowing that Digi would never let them down. The secretaries were amazed by the crystal-clear sound quality and it suddenly dawned on them that the whole “prioritising referrals” wasn’t just a sci-fi fantasy anymore: it was finally coming true.

As I was watching this trial unfold through my Practice Manager’s eyes, I couldn’t help but indulge in the realisation that my own critical wish list was also being fulfilled: safety, backup and speed. With Digi, dictations are safe, always have been and always will be. Their server-based technology accelerates voice file delivery while keeping them safe from duplication or loss. When trying to describe its lasting effect on me to my fellow practice manager, the best adjective I found was: ‘stress-free’.

‘And should a technical issue occur on your end?’

‘Well, I just call Crescendo Support to initiate a secure remote connection.’


‘They ring me back a few minutes later saying ‘sorted.’ I rarely have to call them but ever since the day I first did, there isn’t one issue they were not able to solve. So it doesn’t just take the stress away from me, it also takes it miles away from my IT Administrator.’

Reporting wise, I must say the system does all the work for me with regards to tracking and auditing referrals, not to mention that I can assign workload based on various criteria such as peaks of activity and holidays.

‘So, the question is not if but when you should get Digi on board.’

‘And the answer is ‘now’, I guess?’

‘Yes, for at least a dozen life-changing reasons. In this day and age where the all-electronic prevails, you can’t afford not having one.’

‘It would be like…like what?’

‘Like running the London Marathon with a pair of high heels…and a diving suit.’

‘Ouch…slow and painful…’



  1. Fabulous clarity with perfect tuning .Thank you very much….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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