The Sea Mills Surgery, Bristol

sea-mills-surgeryAnne Peacock, Practice Manager explains how this 80-year-old practice has embraced modern dictation with Crescendo.

The time had come for our old tape dictation system to go, as it was breaking down and we couldn’t get the spares to repair it any more. We looked at the market to see what was available and it soon became clear there were many systems to choose from. However, after looking at little closer at what was available, one of the systems we looked at offered more than just digital dictation.

We chose Crescendo’s DigiScribe-XL system, as it not only replaced our tape system, it also took care of other areas of the referral management process such as:

– Dictation scheduling

– Referral based priorities

– Turnaround alerts

– Advanced reporting tools for analysing speciality and referral patterns.

The secretaries love it and the prioritisation saves them endless time trawling through tapes searching for urgent letters. The GP’s took to it immediately as it is so simple and easy to use. Our turnaround times have improved and the full audit trail is there when we need it.

The support services have not been seriously tested as there have been no problems! When we have had the odd occasion to phone, the support call has been answered immediately.”

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