The Burnside Surgery, Bolton

burnsideLocated in the Waters Meeting Health Centre in Bolton, The Burnside Surgery supports over 5,500 patients. Practice Manager Rachel Roberts tells us how Crescendo has improved the referral process:

Generally the system is easy to use, dictations are delivered for typing as soon as they are sent by the doctor. Each dictation is an individual letter and there are no longer any delays associated with delivering tapes etc. Because each dictation is an individual referral, it is easy to see and manage the outstanding workload as well as what has been done. Also identifying and completing priority work is much more efficient as priorities are colour coded.

Doctors’ opinion

More specifically, the doctors have expressed increased confidence that referrals are being completed in a timely fashion and are associated with the correct patient. Patient confidentiality has improved and it is easy to edit dictation details and amend the dictation itself if required. The system can even be configured to email the secretary when the new or priority work is available (an e-mail alert is sent when the first job or first priority job enters a route.)

On the secretarial side

The system displays all the details about the dictation, including length, patient name, worktype, doctor, etc. enabling the secretary to monitor and manage the workload easily. Also, the system does not allow users to delete work, guarding against accidental deletion. It is very secure and even when a job has been typed, it is still available for review for a period of time.

From a management perspective

No more hassles or costs associated with purchasing, replacing and storing supplies of tapes and batteries. It is easy to see at a glance what the workload/backlog within the system is. The software keeps track of all the dictations that are produced and includes a reporting module which shows trends within the practice, what types of referrals are being produced and by who, amongst other features.

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