Merridale Medical Centre

Meridale Medical CentreWhy digital dictation technology is key to the present and future needs of medical practices. Merridale Medical Centre is a modern medical practice located in Leicester. With a growing number of patient consultations, currently reaching over 1,000 a week, the site needed to replace its old analogue dictation and transcription hardware for both efficiency and legal reasons, as Dr. Geoff Cook, Senior Partner, explains:

“We had to put an end to issues such as mangled tapes, lost referrals and mistakes due to transcription inaccuracies. After contacting different vendors, we soon opted for Crescendo, their impressive background in the medical sector speaking for itself.”

No more running around

Dr. Geoff CookSecretaries don’t have to run downstairs to collect tapes and doctors don’t have to run upstairs to flag urgent cases. Once completed, dictations are automatically sent over for transcription, and the prioritisation feature instantly notifies the Secretary of urgent jobs. Transcribed reports are then seamlessly delivered to the central database for final distribution.

“With DigiScribe-XL, we don’t have to handle batches of work anymore.” insists Dr. Cook. “Backlogs have shrunk significantly while urgent cases are transcribed very quickly. Everybody can finally focus on doing their job without having to worry about administrative matters.”

“Say that again?”

Here is a question that doctors don’t miss being asked.

Liz Peake & Liz Fulford“We certainly don’t miss asking it either”, say Liz Peake and Liz Fulford, Secretaries. “The sound quality is so much clearer it cannot even be compared with tapes. We do not miss or misunderstand words anymore. And that’s on the clarity side only. From a workflow perspective, receiving dictations as individual units makes our life so much easier.”

Before, doctors would typically pile up several dictations on a tape but wouldn’t have time to list them. It would then take up to 15 minutes for the Secretary to locate a specific letter that had to be transcribed as a priority. With DigiScribe-XL, those days are gone and Secretaries at Merridale noticed a significant enhancement in their working conditions and productivity.

Speed, turnaround, efficiency

In the old days, some patients would come to the Centre asking for a two- or three-month old referral, which simply got lost in the tape transfer process.

“This won’t happen with the new system. DigiScribe-XL allows us to keep track of every single report and we are confident that every piece of data is systematically delivered wherever it needs to be delivered. In today’s healthcare environment, with patients’ expectations being higher and higher and technology more and more reliable and affordable, what medical practice can afford losing referrals and patient data?” questions Dr. Cook. “The turnaround of reports has definitely improved.” notes Dr. Cook. “We now find ourselves questioning a 24 hour delay in transcription, whereas everybody used to accept a dictation sitting around for several days! Merridale Medical Centre is taking more and more patients every year, and DigiScribe- XL has allowed us to better cope with this growth.”

Workflow automation and the future of medical practices in the UK

“I believe the future is going to be one of practices getting bigger and bigger, says Dr. Cook, hence the need for scalable and standard-based enterprise systems. This is exactly what Crescendo is providing us with. Not only are their systems fulfilling our needs to the letter, they can also handle multi-site architectures, thin client, systems integration and more. Their support team is also very responsive; a key competitive differentiator in today’s crowded technology landscape.” insists Dr. Cook.

To further complete their document creation and management platform, Merridale Medical Centre is now considering the MedRite-XL medical transcription system as well as the Crescendo speech recognition solution powered by Nuance.

“We are confident in Crescendo and their ability to support our growth, wherever it may take us.” concludes Dr. Cook.

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