The Solihull CCG

solihullThe vision of the Solihull CCG is to strengthen commissioning, improve quality and assure safety, tackle health inequalities and make best use of precious NHS resources. This brought them to implement a hosted Digital Dictation and Referral Management solution integrated with SystmOne. Here is how Crescendo helped their vision come true across 20 practices.

The Solution

DigiScribe-XL is hosted in the CCG data centre and deployed to 100+ GPs via the NHS N3 network. Dictations are automatically labelled with patient demographics and stored securely on the central server. As soon as a dictation has been completed it is displayed on the secretaries work list for typing. An email or pop up can even be sent to alert the secretary of new and priority work. The system also fully audits and tracks each dictation, with the details stored in a database. From this, Managers can create a whole series of reports, including referral or commissioning reports within seconds.

Improved Efficiency across 20 Practices

Evidence and feedback shows that GP surgeries experience a 40%-50% improvement in efficiency in the generation of referrals. This stems from the ease of use/manageability of the system from the GPs perspective whereas the secretaries benefit from instant delivery of individual referrals displaying patient details, work type, speciality priority and length. Crystal clear sound quality enables secretaries to transcribe faster with less interruption for rewinding and re-listening. Priority colour coding ensures that secretaries do not miss urgent work and it is typed in a timely manner.

Security is increased as the system cannot lose dictations unlike traditional tape machines which can jam, snap tapes or simply fail to record or when the batteries ware out become inaudible. Furthermore, Practice Managers can instantly view the outstanding workload to identify areas requiring additional support. They can also report on referral patterns at the touch of a button.

Benefits for the Solihull CCG

Central management of the digital dictation system improves support response times, reduces site visits and therefore saves money. The solution provides the CCG with an overview of all referrals generated helping with commissioning decisions and highlighting training requirements.

Benefits for the Patient

The patient receives a faster, more reliable service. Referrals and generated and arranged more quickly and therefore treatment is provided earlier.


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