Edge Hill Health Centre

edge-hillTelephone dictation? For some practices, it’s just what the doctors ordered:  instead of equipping their doctors with digital recorders or desktop microphones, they leverage their existing telephone network to complete the dictations.  Angela Broda, Practice Manager at The Edge Hill Health tells us why she chose this route amongst the many offered by Crescendo.

Established in 1960’s, Edge Hill Health Centre is a multi-speciality medical practice serving close to 10,000 patients in the Liverpool area. Documentation at the practice used to be a tricky task with all nine doctors relying on analogue recorders to dictate their notes.

“The recorders would keep breaking down and tapes would get lost or broken. This not only caused administrative problems such as a document turnaround of several days but it also imposed a financial cost to the practice. After evaluation the different options, we opted for the DigiScribe-XL Telephone Dictation system which was intuitive for users and required no additional hardware but standard phones.”

To initiate a dictation, doctors simply dial a given extension number. To complete a dictation they just have to hang up. Completed voice files can be easily prioritised and secretaries have them displayed on their work list in real-time thanks for DigiPlayer-IP. Since this is all digital, no more time is wasted completing tapes or delivering them by hand. The routing of files is now fully automated while data is kept totally safe. As a result the average turnaround time for documents varies from 2-24 hours maximum as opposed to several days with the old analogue workflow.

“Our old analogue system versus DigiScribe-XL? There is no comparison. DigiScribe-XL is completely maintenance free.” Insists Broda. “On the transcription side real-time access allows our secretaries to plan an even share their workload much more easily. They are also very fond of the crystal-clear sound quality which led way to a decrease in transcription errors.”

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