Backwell and Nailsea Medical Group

backwell-nailsea-medical-groupPractice Manager Debbie Penney knew Crescendo from a previous role, so when she took up the reigns at this busy 2-site practice, one of the first projects on her agenda was to get DigiScribe-XL installed right away. Having previously upgraded to digital dictation from analogue tapes and realised the significant benefits, Debbie knew the switch was a real no-brainer.


Having been through the selection process before, Debbie explained why she chose Crescendo:

“The ability to store voice files onto the server as opposed to the individual ‘C’ drive is critical. I can’t speak of the support of other providers but I have always appreciated Crescendo’s excellent support team when we needed them.”

Crescendo’s client server environment makes for a secure robust system and their unique voice streaming technology means no file copying, hence their NHS N3 Accreditation for multi-site practices.


When asked what impact the implementation of digital dictation had on the practice in terms of improved efficiency, Debbie replied:

“It has enabled my secretarial team to manage their workload more effectively and most importantly to prioritise urgent referrals. The system allows referrals to be categorised into specialties, so it is easier to spot high referrers. This facility will come into its own as commissioning develops it will also enable us to support and mentor high referrers. In addition we are able to audit increases in workload.”


“The remote installation and training were excellent and all users adapted to the system easily. I can honestly say there is nothing else Crescendo could have done to make things any more straight forward. I would absolutely recommend them to any Practice looking to implement digital dictation.”

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